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Don’t be put off by the fact that this resort is located slightly inland, as it still boasts everything you need to enjoy a Turkey holiday. It even offers easy access to one of Turkey’s finest beaches, so you definitely won’t be short of a sandy sunbathing spot during your holiday here. The beach itself is a sand bank that separates the Dalyan Delta from the salt water of the Mediterranean, so you can enjoy water on three sides making it one of the most unusual beaches in the country. The sand here is soft making it perfect for sunbathing and the waters are beautifully warm so don’t hesitate in going for a swim. There are a number of thermal springs close by where you can enjoy a dip in the thermal pools. This is one of the best way to relax in Dalyan and to make your holiday even better, you will also be able to enjoy the Dalyan Mud Baths. The mud is a little fragrant and not in a good way but after you’ve spent some time here and showered off, you’re skin will feel smoother than ever.

For those of you who appreciate ancient history there are two fascinating sites nearby that definitely can’t be missed. The city of Kaunos dates back over 5,000 years and there are still some magnificent examples of it’s past, as the ruins of temples are still visible, as is the impressive amphitheatre.

It’s a great place to spend your summer holiday, as Dalyan boasts average summer highs of around 35 degrees Celsius. When that average high creeps up even more into the high 30’s, you can be sure that a trip to the local beach will be in order but thankfully during the night the temperatures do drop slightly allowing you to go out and enjoy the cooler but still warm evening air.

Things to do

Just a short distance to the east from Dalyan is where you will find one of the best and most unique beaches in all of Turkey. Iztuzu beach is more like a giant sand bank enclosed by water on three sides. It acts as a barrier separating the waters of the Mediterranean from the fresh water of the Dalyan Delta that runs through the area. It’s a very unique site and it has become a breeding ground for the protected loggerhead turtles, so don’t be surprised if you see some of these amazing creatures moving across the sand. The beach is open throughout the year however; it does close for a very short period of time usually during the peak of summer allowing the turtles to hatch undisturbed. If you fancy relaxing somewhere other than the beach, why not pay a visit to the Dalyan Mud Baths where you will be able to enjoy a soak in thick mud and although it may be a bit smelly, just remember that it’s very good for your skin! If a mud path sounds a bit too messy for you, there are always the nearby thermal pools where you can relax your muscles and chill out for a while. Before getting in it’s best you check that you haven’t caught the sun too much, as warm water and sunburn don’t really go well together. Other than that, we recommend that you slide straight in.

If you like ancient history then you’re sure to love the ancient sites Dalyan has to offer. The Dalyan Rock Tombs are one of the most popular historic sites in Turkey, as they are very unique. These tombs were carved out of the rock face and are remarkably preserved, allowing you to get amazing views up close from the river that flows past them. Another historic site nearby that’s definitely worth a look is the ancient city of Kaunos and when we say ancient, we mean ancient, as it has been here for over 5,000 years! Some of the examples that are left are an amphitheatre and a number of temples that aren’t complete but are still half intact.


The beautiful Dalyan weather will give you impressive average summer highs of 33 degrees through July and the same through August. He great weather continues into September with average highs of 30 degrees and 25 in October. November is also surprisingly hot averaging out at 20 degrees. It’s only until December comes around that the temperature will start to noticeably fall to around 16 degrees Celsius. The winter months are also the wettest, so you can get the chill and the wet out of the way all during the same season, so when summer comes back again, you will have nothing but clear skies and not a rain cloud in sight. The warmer weather starts to make its return during March, when highs increase to 17 degrees. 21 degrees is the average high that April brings in and May will boost it back up to scorching hot levels that we all love to have during our summer holiday.

With over 300 days of sunshine throughout the year, you can expect the summers in Dalyan to be long and very dry, which is the perfect summer holiday weather. This combined with the skies remaining clear throughout the summer, makes it very hard to avoid sunburn if you’re not taking precautions. This is why it’s best to cover yourself in high factor sun cream during your time outside, as the sun can take you by surprise and make your skin a little uncomfortable, especially if you’re not used to it. There may be some sun beds & beach umbrellas available on some parts of Iztuzu beach, so keep a sharp eye. These are great for giving you some shade allowing you to spend some time out of the sizzling sunshine. Also, when venturing outside, don’t forget to stop for refreshments or take bottled water with you, as this will help you to stay hydrated.


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