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Lloret de Mar

Lloret de Mar is the number one destination of choice in Costa Brava for lively holidays, as it boasts over ten beaches, a waterpark, 100+ clubs & bars and loads of restaurants & shops. There are also numerous historic sites to visit and green areas. Although there are plenty of beaches in the area, the closest three to the resort are the most popular and many visitors rarely travel to the others, as they are slightly further away. You will find some lovely restaurants in the area that give you the option of varied delicious dishes. There is a small selection of shops but the real attraction is the local market that’s held once a week. Here you will be able to pick up some original items at a very good price, to bring home as quality souvenirs or just treat yourself to something a little different.

If you love lively clubbing holidays then make Lloret de Mar your destination of choice when holidaying to Costa Brava, as it is home to over one hundred lively clubs and bars that spread throughout the resort. The majority of these can be found around Just Marles Vilarrodona Avenue. There are so many in fact that the chances are, you won’t be able to visit every single one during your holiday. It’s not just lively clubs & bars there are plenty of, there are also lots of quiet bars where you can enjoy an evening of laid back socializing away from the noise of the busier clubbing areas.

Average summer highs stay between 25 and 28 degrees Celsius making the resort a great choice if you want to enjoy a scorching holiday under clear skies. The temperature during the summer will never drop under 20 degrees and cloud sightings are rare, so sit back relax and enjoy high temperatures and crystal clear skies!

Things to do

With over ten fabulous beaches to choose from along the gloriously golden coast, you will be in beach holiday heaven! You will most likely however, spend split your time between the three main beaches in the area, these are Playa Lloret, Playa de Fenals and El Codolar. The largest and most central beach to the resort is Playa Lloret and at 1.5km long, you will have prime selection when it comes to the best sunbathing spots, even when the busier season strikes. The 50m width also helps with this and gives the kids as much space as they could possibly use to burn some energy. The waters are the perfect place for a swim, as they are warm, calm and shallow. The water gets deeper a little further out to sea but this makes the perfect environment for the watersports that are on offer here. The beach of El Codolar sits just to the east of Playa Lloret but is only about 50m in length and remains much quieter throughout the seasons. It’s the perfect place to visit if you want to escape the crowds on the busier beaches and it also gives you a great view of Saint Joans Castle. The third beach is located towards the west end of the resort and is another good-sized beach that gets popular in the peak seasons. It’s just over half a kilometer long, compared to the 1.5km length of Playa Lloret, so you may have to get there a little early to get the best space.

Although the beaches offer you plenty of water-based entertainment, Lloret de Mar is also home to one of the largest waterparks in the whole of Spain! Waterworld offers a exciting selection of 15 different water slides, as well as pools suited for all ages. This makes a great destination if you’re a little worried about letting the little ones play in the sea. When you’ve had your fill of water based fun, why not enjoy the historic sites around the town that include a Saint Joans Castle (near El Codolar beach), the church of Sant Roma and Puig de Castellet, the ancient ruins of a watchtower.


One thing that makes Lloret de Mar holidays even better is the stunning weather throughout the year. Even the winters are warm with average winter highs usually staying between 12 and 17 degrees (and winter highs get even warmer than this). Keep this in mind if you ever fancy getting away for a Christmas break to escape the wind, sleet and snow back home in the UK. The summers are around 10 degrees+ hotter than the winters, so expect the average to shoot up to between 25 and 28 degrees Celsius during the summer months. Summer highs will reach up into the 30’s, so if you can’t get enough of scorching weather, this is definitely the time to visit! If you happen to be in Lloret de Mar during a heat wave, these already impressive highs can push up even further, getting close to 40 degrees Celsius.

If that sounds a little too hot for you and you would rather avoid the chances of this level of heat then we would recommend visiting in early autumn. You will find the temperature still lovely & hot but without the intense heat of the summer months. However, highs in autumn have been known to get into 30 degrees but it’s still a safer bet if you don’t like the intensity of the summer weather. Because Lloret de Mar experiences over 300 days of sunshine a year, make sure that you always take care when spending time in the sun, even during the winter, as it can be quick to burn you especially since the skies remain clear throughout most of the year. There are plenty of shops in the resort, so if you happen to forget your sun cream don’t worry, as you can easily pick some up from these local shops.


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